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About Us

When I was little I loved puzzles, but I was very frustrated when I lost a piece and there was a void that made the puzzle not make much sense, it was incomplete ...

In a puzzle, all the pieces are the same, no one is more important than another, they all need the others to complete and make sense of the entire composition.

The idea of my puzzle appeared when the crisis hit. I thought about how the tourism sector could be helped, my great passion. How could we get ahead and I saw it clearly ...

We need to be united to advance and evolve together, change the concept of tourism globally, we cannot walk alone, if you are alone the road is always harder, more boring, don't you think? ...

Our sector, tourism, needs everyone, every hand, every idea, all mutual support.

We cannot and we do not want to wait for public aid, we have to get going by working together.

The solution that we propose is to JOIN US, to be a piece of a puzzle that WITHOUT YOU would not be complete.

The tourism sector is made up of all of us, agencies, press, transport, freelance, hotels, hospitality, guides, official bodies, training, technology,… EVERYONE.

We need each other and if one fails, the machine fails, we stop moving forward. Tourism has to be in a large community where all professionals and companies meet, participate, support and help each other, form synergies and for that we ARE WITH YOU.

We provide you with the tool, the machine that will support you to project yourself and your business, you decide how far you want to go.

We believe in the power of union and that is why we ask you:


CEO Link4tour & Sn Esencial Tours